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place to be
smiling faces and positive energy
you’re up for another night of real fun
Island Bar

Island Bar

About us

Long before the arrival of many “wannabes”, Island Bar was created here in 1987 with a great deal of love, imagination and hard work. From the very beginning, it became the place to be, the regular hang-out for locals and visitors, Greeks and foreigners, who kept coming back year after year. Quality spirits, cocktails made with fresh ingredients, mystical lighting and music that sets the night on fire. Real songs for real people, not just music beats. Smiling faces and positive energy. Every year, the bar, ignoring all fashion trends, sets its own tempo and leaves its mark in the nightlife of Naxos.

As day turns into evening, the music goes up…Going up those stairs, you know that you’re up for another night of real fun. Bodies start to move to the beat, faces light up and everyone goes into dance mode, reminding you what true fun is, while others, on the terrace, laze in big white cushions, feeling relaxed between all those seashells and sun-scorched logs that make a fairytale-like atmosphere. And that is truly the only way to describe the atmosphere in Island Bar.

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Agia Anna, 84300, Naxos
Cyclades / Greece
Tel: +306978733402
Opening hours: 22.00 - 03.00